Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Sense of Other & Paris du Nuit

Day #3: Portraits

You know, it’s funny. We humans have this habit of word-vomiting at the mouth—droning on and on and ON about absolutely nothing during our day-to-day agenda, but when faced with the task of describing, in words, those who have touched our lives in ways that have brought the brightest of smiles to our hearts and the loudest of belly laughs to our souls—now that, that is a challenge.

I’ll admit, I’m a “wee bit” hesitant to even attempt to place the spirit of Roddy MacInnes into words, as this man is, without a doubt, one of the most ineffable souls I have ever had the pleasure of encountering over the last nineteen years upon this earth. Like a firework shot off in the middle of nowhere, there is this absolutely magnificent light about Roddy and the aura which he exudes that is incredibly contagious and exasperatingly touching. If I were to put his spirit into a nutshell, I would contend that Roddy MacInnes is a living, breathing, angelic reminder to everyone with whom he encounters, to simply live one’s life to the absolute fullest and to cherish every moment—every pixel of every moment—until he or she is overwhelmed with genuine happiness and gratitude for the world in which they exist, the earth upon which they tread, and the life with which they were seemingly blessed.

I also seem to be having the same amount of difficulty putting the beauty of the one and only Vanessa Ann Racehorse into so many words, though attempt to do so I will. Aside from her captivating physical beauty that is summed up in the genuine glow of her smile, Vanessa has this beautiful warmth to her personality and inner being which is honestly astounding, and so incredibly comforting to be around. Every time you engage in conversation with this girl, it’s as if no one in the world wants to understand what you have to say better than she, and she will listen to you until she gets it. Aside from her spectacular people skills, and of course her knack for photography, Vanessa is also an astounding writer. She has this way of capturing the beauty of the world and articulating her thoughts so incredibly well—it’s almost as if she unknowingly speaks for the rest of us who can’t seem to put into words the feelings that are in our hearts and souls. I am so incredibly blessed to have befriended this young woman, and I urge every single one of you to take a good look at her blog after you’ve finished with mine. Seriously people, her writing is out of this world. 

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