Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Sense of Place

Day #2: Le Château de Versailles

I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of myself and my ability to speak French until today. Ever since my very first day of French class I’ve dreamt about traveling to France and being able to comfortably speak the language with the locals; after all, it’s quite difficult simulating how it will really be like by simply blabbering on in Franglais with one’s classmates. Not only was I able to speak with the locals the minute we arrived in Paris this morning—I was able to ask for directions to our hotel for my entire class and actually managed to get everyone there in record time. Aside from this nerdy excitement of mine, the remainder of our day today was absolutely incredible. Both Kelly and I felt the whole day at Le Château de Versailles to be rather surreal—neither of us could believe we were actually in Paris, let alone walking the exact same halls of some of the greatest royalty in history to date. Not only is this exquisite palace every bit of breathtaking, its rich history and scenic décor has the utmost potential to have one feeling as though they walked straight into a Victorian dream. The Hall of Mirrors, Marie Antoinette’s bedroom, the Royal Gardens—we experienced it all. I am literally about to pass out, though I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings. 

Paris, je t’aime. Cette ville est très, très magnifique et je suis très content être ici avec mes amis. Aujourd’hui était amusante, et je sais que demain sera mieux. Bonne nuit.

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