Wednesday, January 2, 2013

USA in the UK

Day #6: The Journey, So Far
I would like to take this time to thank my mother and father for sending me on such an incredible trip. I truly cannot believe just how much history and beauty I’ve encountered in just five short days. We’ve been running ourselves absolutely ragged, and truth be told I am exhausted beyond comprehension on this Eurostar journey to London, but I cannot express my excitement for our next chapter to begin. I can’t seem to stop playing Austin Powers scenes and practicing my phony British accent in my head, day-dreaming about Big Ben and funky British flag leggings I have my heart SET on finding before I leave. I will admit, my photographic inspiration is indeed dwindling, but that’s probably due to the eternal romantic nature of Paris and the countless photo opportunities around every single corner; the entire city is a work of art in and of itself. Aside from no more Nutella-drenched baguettes at all hours of the day, I think what’s troubling me the most about this huge switch in culture is having to put an end to my French speaking. I’ve gotten so comfortable conversing with the French locals—infinitely more comfortable than I’ve ever been in French class back at DU. It will definitely be weird having to force myself to remember to say “thank you” instead of “merci” and “sir” instead of “monsieur” as soon as we reach Russell Square. Seeing as I was able to master the transition coming back home from French camp all those years I’m fairly certain I’ll be able to handle it now. On that note, I bid you all a “CHEERIO!” as I am off to slumberland for the rest of this Eurostar journey. I was able to snag two comfy seats next to each other and I feel it would be a huge waste to not take complete advantage of stretching my legs and resting my head. 

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